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Do I Have a Case? Disability Discrimination
  • Do you have an injury /medical condition/disability?
  • Do you have any work restrictions?
  • Did you request light duty/ modified duty/work accommodations from the employer?
  • Did Employer honor the restrictions/ light duty/ modified duty/work accommodations?
  • If not, did Employer engage in interactive process with you regarding the necessary accommodations?
  • Did you feel discriminated based on your disability/medical condition?
  • Were you harassed/ singled out specifically because of the disability?

If you experienced any of the above, you may have a case. You need to consult an attorney to evaluate your case.

Other Types of Discrimination
  • Do you believe that the employer’s wrongful conduct was the result of discrimination based on one of the following [Sex, National Origin, and/or Race?]
  • Other forms: (Pregnancy, Sexual Harassment, Age, Retaliation, and/or Sexual Orientation?

If you feel you have been discriminated against based on one of the above, you may have a case. You need to consult an attorney to evaluate your case.

Sexual Harassment
  • Were you inappropriately touched or verbally insulted?
  • Did you report the inappropriate conduct to the supervisor, manager or Human Resources?
  • Did the Employer investigate your complaint?
  • Did the Employer remedy the situation?
  • Do you have any witnesses or documents that support the claims?
Whistle Blowing/Retaliation
  • Did you complain to management because you believed certain conduct of employer was illegal or unsafe?
  • Were you asked or forced to do something that was unsafe or illegal?
  • If you refused to comply and complained about the illegal conduct, did employer retaliate against you?
  • After you reported the illegal conduct, were you terminated/demoted/failed to be promoted/started receiving fabricated disciplinary notes/ write-ups/reduce of hours or experienced other negative consequences?
  • Do you have any witnesses or documents that support the claims?

If you feel you have experienced any of the negative effects after you had reported illegal conduct of your employer, you may have a case. You need to consult an attorney to evaluate your case.

Classification of Employment
  • Were you subject to the control and direction of your Employer in connection with the performance of the work?
  • Did you perform work that is directly in the scope of the type of work your Employer does?
  • Did you only work for your Employer? [meaning you did not engage in other business]

If you responded affirmatively to all of above questions, you may be classified as a non-exempt employee. Please contact an attorney to further determine your classification of employment.

Contact Serendib Law Firm Attorneys

This brief online questionnaire is only preliminary assessment to help you understand whether you should speak to an attorney. Each case is different and may contain details and nuances not covered by this questionnaire. Serendib Law Firm offers free consultation with our attorneys to help you evaluate your case and determine whether you will benefit from the representation.

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"Integrity, competency, and compassion! Dimuth Amaratunga has represented me and counseled me in several matters over the last several years, and each time, I have benefited tremendously from his knowledge, his wisdom and his empathy. He is without a doubt an authority in employment law and personal injury. But most importantly, he has compassion and truly focused on getting the best result for his clients. I am a practicing attorney and I wholeheartedly recommend him and his firm!" David J.