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Lesiones Personales

Abogados de Lesiones Personales Calificados que se Preocupan por las Necesidades de los Clientes

Nuestra oficina ha recaudado cientos de miles de dólares para nuestros clientes. ¡Tenemos más de 12 años de experiencia en lesiones personales!

Nuestros abogados cuentan con muchos años de experiencia en el manejo de casos de lesiones personales. Brindamos a cada cliente respeto y representación entusiasta al representar sus intereses contra el infractor. Cada caso que tomamos se maneja con la mayor importancia, dedicando nuestro tiempo y energía para lograr el mejor resultado posible en función de los hechos ocurridos. Investigamos y evaluamos a fondo cada aspecto de su caso mediante la participación en diversas formas de estrategias de descubrimiento desde el inicio del caso hasta su conclusión. Nuestros abogados están bien calificados para ofrecerle la mejor representación judicial con eficiencia, integridad y fervor.

Para saber cómo puede beneficiarse de nuestros abogados experimentados, contáctenos para una consulta gratuita.

Client Reviews
"Integrity, competency, and compassion! Dimuth Amaratunga has represented me and counseled me in several matters over the last several years, and each time, I have benefited tremendously from his knowledge, his wisdom and his empathy. He is without a doubt an authority in employment law and personal injury. But most importantly, he has compassion and truly focused on getting the best result for his clients. I am a practicing attorney and I wholeheartedly recommend him and his firm!" David J.
"Back in 2017 I had a bad situation happened at work in LA county. I did not know my rights or what to do. I have nothing but good things to say about the Serendib Law Firm. I worked mainly with Maya L. Serkova. She was always on top of things and replied to all my emails and calls promptly. I was taken care of and couldn't have asked for a better team to have covered my case! I was very impressed with the work ethic. The whole ordeal was very stressful, however, Ms. Serkova helped me navigate the process while responding to my goals. She was wonderful and I was very satisfied with the outcome." Lana D.
Maya L. Serkova is an excellent attorney who really takes care of her clients in employment litigation matters. Ms. Serkova is very knowledgeable, detail oriented, and above all, she delivers the results. She is dedicated to clients' need in each and every case she takes. Ms. Serkova is a strategic litigator and effective negotiator. Her staff is very polite, pleasant and attentive. She always returns phone calls at her earliest convenience and provides updates about a case in a timely manner. It was a real pleasure working with Ms. Serkova. I recommend her as an outstanding Plaintiff's Employment Law Attorney. Anna P.